Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Store Is Growing

The last several days there has been a lot of progress made in the store. I have added 51 items to the store covering most of the categories. Tomorrow I will be finished adding scroll saw plaques by adding the last 11 to the Nature Category.

Then I will begin adding Grandma's Corner. That will be another 50 items. I have a lot of things to do with that section and also am going to create a whole write up with added research to this so that will be fun.

Make sure you check out the store for all the new additions.

I am excited that the store has had over 800 page reads and is being looked at now by 12 different countries.
The main part is going to be starting to make sales. I am impressed with how well the promoting is going and there is a lot more to be done.

Check out Poppy's blog for more information about the store.

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