Friday, July 31, 2009

Tyler Strikes Again

The kids had a great first day of school. Tyler's bus came home about 15 minutes late as it was supposed to be home at 2:45pm. I guess that worked out better because it was raining and storming during the time he should have been home. Though I did embarass him waiting outside for him with an umbrella. He is at the age where mom is the uncoolest person on the face of the earth and there is nothing more embarrassing than mom being anywhere around him outside of the house. LOL Its ok, I get it and understand.

Kait's bus was an hour late. So Tyler went with me to the bus stop. There are some trees by the bus stop and Tyler was crawling on one of them. He decided that he would sit where the tree starts to branch out and he laid back. Somehow he got himself twisted so that one hip was higher than the other and that leg crossed over the first.

Anyway, he got wedged in the split and got stuck. I pushed, pulled, and even pinched his butt before I relaized that he wasn't joking around and he was really wedged into the tree. I think the fact that his one leg started changing colors from a lack of circulation helped to cement the fact he couldnt get himself free.

Now, I was laughing so hard I couldnt stand up straight. Tyler didnt think it was that funny. I finally had to call and get my husband to come to the bus stop to help get Tyler out of the tree. Magd took pictures with his iphone of the whole ordeal before he would even touch Tyler. HAHAH, we have to keep reminders for him.
After much begging I was asked not to put the pictures on my blog. However, when Magd gets home from work this afternoon, I will upload the pics from his iphone and can send pictures to my loving family because they are hillarious.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kids First Day Back To School

WOOHOO !!!!!!!!!!!

The kids are back in school, the kids are back in school, Hi Oh Am Merry Oh, the kids are back in school.

The morning started at 5:30. It was dark. The alarm clock played its happy tune. I stirred under my covers. I opened my eyes quickly remembering that there was somthing great about today. This was the day, this is the day. I jump from the bed and shake my husband. Wake up, wake up I yelled to him.
Normally, I am not a morning person but this morning would be an exception.

As I walk to the rooms of my sleeping children, another burst of energy hits me. Whats this, I havent even had my morning cup of joe yet.

My husband jumps on them while they are sleeping, not leaving their rooms until they are out of bed. Meanwhile, I am downstairs whipping up a breakfast fit for a king. Toasted double fiber whole wheat bread, two eggs runny, spicy beef sausage patties.

Then at 6:30, we walk my son to the bus to catch the 6:40 bus to school. Then at 7:30 we walk our daughter to the bus stop to catch the 7:40 bus to school.

Then, a movie clip came to mind. Braveheart. I could here the popular movie line.


And yes, we are now free, at least until 2:45pm when my son gets home from school.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

School Starts Thursday, July 30th

The kids are very upset about the fact that school will start in 4 days. Last night we decided to make them go to bed at 9pm to try and get a sleep schedule back in order which made the kids even unhappier. Tyler is a night owl and spent his summer up all night and even most times saying good morning to his dad when he gets up for work.

This week will be busy. Last night I went and bought all the school supplies on the horribly long school list. Sad thing is that I know that isn't all especially for Tyler. Not only is there a generic supply list, each teacher has their own supply list which we don't get until we go to open house.

Today we are going school clothes shopping when Magd gets home from work. I can't say that is all that fun. The kids are at the age where they are particular which is fine so long as we can find what they are looking for. Kait is a little more difficult this year because she is not in girls clothes anymore and she doesnt quite fit into juniors. That makes clothes shopping a challenge and needless to say a bit more interesting.

Tuesday is open house at the schools. Kait is still in the elementary school and so her open house is from 3:30-5:30. Tyler is in middle school and his open house is from 4:00-6:00. Ironically, everything hinges on what time Magd will leave work which I have made a point to remind him about every day because I need him to be home to take us to open house.

Thursday is the glorius first day of school. AHHHHHHHHHHHH can you hear the angels singing.

Of course this will mean that Tyler and I have to get up at 5:45 am and then Kait gets up at 6:00am. Once the buses leave the neighborhood, woohoo, I am a free woman. Well as free as I can be without a vehicle.

The good thing is that I will be able to start working on my distance running. My goal is to be able to run 7 miles by next year for the Peachtree City Road Race. Anyway, we will see how that goes.
The plus is that I have quit smoking now for 2 months and I feel great so it will be something that is permanent. Secondly, I am working on losing weight and getting into shape. So, in a way, training for the road race will help me work harder on those things.

Anyway, the count down is on for school and I am ready!!!!! even if the kids are not lol

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tyler Versus Gigante

Sunday was mine and my husband's 8 year wedding anniversary. We had made some plans previously in the week but decided at last minute to do something different. We went to a mexican resturant that we hadn't been to in over a year.

At the resturant, we were looking over the menu when my son, Tyler, found an item that if eaten completely would net him a t-shirt.
It was a 16" long supreme burrito called the Gigante.

My son begged us to let him get the burrito and we finally decided to let him do it. Tyler passed up chips and dip and cheese sauce and refused to drink any sweet tea so that he had lots of room in his stomach.

When the burrito was brought out, the waiter looked at Tyler and smiled and asked him if he was sure he could do this because it is such a big thing. He then put the plate in front of Tyler. The burrito couldn't be seen at first because I think it was covered with a whole head of lettuce and six tomatoes. Hidden beneath though was a monster.
Gigante was filled with beans and ground beef. It was as wide as my hand and has round as two hands brought together with first fingers and thumbs touching. It was truly a monster to be reckoned with.

Tyler just smiled at this giant burrito and said no problem. He started by eating all the lettuce and tomatoes so that it exposed the true task beneath. He didn't drink one sip of tea or touch one chip during his quest to eat this giant.

Twenty five minutes later, sitting before Tyler, was a completely empty plate. Not even one bean left or peice of lettuce. Tyler had done it, he had defeated Gigante and now he has the shirt to prove it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back From Vacation

We came back from vacation on Thursday. We had so much fun during that week. There was a lot of swimming in the river for the kids and we played games together. My dad and I got a lot of fly fishing done. For the first time ever when on vacation, I caught the first fish on the trip. We didnt catch many trout, 3 nice size ones and a couple minnows lol.

I had a great birthday. My mom and dad gave me one of dad's plaques that I love that has John 3:16 scrolled inside of it. My mom got me $25 worth of flies for fishing and they got me a nice triple chocolate cake for my birthday. Also on the day of my birthday, my dad and I spent several hours in Smoky Mountain Park fly fishing and checking out fishing holes. We did quite a bit of climbing and lots of fishing. It was so much fun. We didnt catch anything that day but we got to spend a lot of time together and that was the best part.

My husband surprized me with a birthday present too. He is sometimes not real good about stuff like that. He gave me a Tennesse Vols Shirt and a Jersey plus two journals and he even signed the birthday card this year. lol

I have discovered how much my kids are growing up. While camping. we needed some stuff from Walmart so we all went there. Kaitlyn and my mom were walking around the store together when Kait had a young guy walk up to her and say " Hey Baby ".
Then we went to a store that was selling handmade fudge. Tyler was getting flirted with by the girl behind the counter. She kept working on getting his attention and giving me free fudge.
Lastly, in the camp ground, the day before we left, a camper pulled in a couple of spaces over from us and there were two young girls. The youngest, I say is around Tyler's age, blond hair and cute, kept walking by the camp site we were in and checking out Tyler. Tyler was impressed with her too and got the courage up to talk to her. ( Only saying Hi and then another time asking her if she was having fun.)

It was a great time together and we didnt get a lot of rain when we were there however the night before we were leaving, it stormed a lot for a couple of hours in the veru early moring hours.

Dad and I had a very close call with a skunk and I still dont know how we didnt get sprayed. I guess our angels had a little something to do with that.
It was after midnight and dad went to the back of the camper to empty some tanks. I walked around to the back and was talking to him. I caught the glimpse of something beside us between the back tires on the camper. I looked under the camper and there was a skunk. It took off running and dad and I were laughing and thanking God for not getting skunked lol.

Anyway it was a great vacation and as with any great vacation, it goes by faster than it should and ends before you know it. We always have next year.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hi All, did you notice today's date?

Anyway, have a lot to do today to finish getting ready for our vacation. The kids and I will be gone for one week. One week of camping, fishing, cook outs, fishing, games with the kids, fishing, spending time with the folks, and more fishing.

So, I better get busy.

Take Care Everyone

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to Everyone!!!!

Tonight we are going to take the kids somewhere for fireworks, we just aren't sure where yet. Normally, we go to a shopping center outside of Stone Mountain and watch the fireworks there because Stone Mountain gets so packed that it would take us hours to get out of there after the show. We have lived here in Georgia 7 years and we have always done that so I guess it is like tradition.
However this year we might change that. There is a huge church that was built about a year ago that is 5 minutes from our house and they are doing a fireworks show between 9-10pm. My husband says we leave it up to the kids where they want to go because it is for them that we go see the fireworks.

So I guess we will wait and see. Tyler spent the night with his friends last night so he wont be home until this afternoon. Tyler has been gone more the last 2 weeks than he has been home.
Poor Kait hasn't gone anywhere. Most of her friends are out of town or doing other things. Last night I kind of spoiled her a bit. We went to the store and I got her 3 teen magazines that she loves. Then I bought vanialla yogurt ice cream and pina colada mixer and we made pina colada smoothies.

The count down is on, 4 more days and we go camping. The kids and I are so excited and we cant wait.

I also realized last night that it has been a month since I quit smoking. YIPPIE!!!!!!!

Anyway, I wish everyone a safe and wonderful July 4th.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Have you ever....

Have you ever sat back and looked at someone you love and felt that you were holding them back?
Have you ever Believed with all your heart and soul that though you have always meant well and been very supportive, you should have done something more ?
Have you ever felt responsible that the person you love so much seems so far away from accomplishing the one thing that makes their dreams come true?
Have you ever closed your eyes and looked deeply inside yourself and asked how come what is important to you isnt that important to others?
Have you ever looked at your life and realized that it isnt anything that you thought it would be ?
Have you ever seen the disappointment in the eyes of the person you love and know that nothing you can do or say will make it go away ?

Have you ever looked into the eyes of your children and seen pure love ?
Have you ever watched how your child approaches a project or idea and seen the tiny adult inside them?
Have you ever taken one moment and watched the clouds in the sky ?
Have you ever imagined yourself somewhere other than where you are now?
Have you ever raced outside and had a waterballoon fight with your kids?
Have you ever looked into the eyes of your spouse and seen all the reasons you fell
in love with them ?

Have you ever taken the time to say I love you to all the people in your family?
Have you ever taken a moment to smile at a stranger ?

Have you ever Thanked God with everything that you are and could be for everything good and bad that has happened in your life and meant it ?

Have you ever...................