Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to Everyone!!!!

Tonight we are going to take the kids somewhere for fireworks, we just aren't sure where yet. Normally, we go to a shopping center outside of Stone Mountain and watch the fireworks there because Stone Mountain gets so packed that it would take us hours to get out of there after the show. We have lived here in Georgia 7 years and we have always done that so I guess it is like tradition.
However this year we might change that. There is a huge church that was built about a year ago that is 5 minutes from our house and they are doing a fireworks show between 9-10pm. My husband says we leave it up to the kids where they want to go because it is for them that we go see the fireworks.

So I guess we will wait and see. Tyler spent the night with his friends last night so he wont be home until this afternoon. Tyler has been gone more the last 2 weeks than he has been home.
Poor Kait hasn't gone anywhere. Most of her friends are out of town or doing other things. Last night I kind of spoiled her a bit. We went to the store and I got her 3 teen magazines that she loves. Then I bought vanialla yogurt ice cream and pina colada mixer and we made pina colada smoothies.

The count down is on, 4 more days and we go camping. The kids and I are so excited and we cant wait.

I also realized last night that it has been a month since I quit smoking. YIPPIE!!!!!!!

Anyway, I wish everyone a safe and wonderful July 4th.

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