Friday, July 31, 2009

Tyler Strikes Again

The kids had a great first day of school. Tyler's bus came home about 15 minutes late as it was supposed to be home at 2:45pm. I guess that worked out better because it was raining and storming during the time he should have been home. Though I did embarass him waiting outside for him with an umbrella. He is at the age where mom is the uncoolest person on the face of the earth and there is nothing more embarrassing than mom being anywhere around him outside of the house. LOL Its ok, I get it and understand.

Kait's bus was an hour late. So Tyler went with me to the bus stop. There are some trees by the bus stop and Tyler was crawling on one of them. He decided that he would sit where the tree starts to branch out and he laid back. Somehow he got himself twisted so that one hip was higher than the other and that leg crossed over the first.

Anyway, he got wedged in the split and got stuck. I pushed, pulled, and even pinched his butt before I relaized that he wasn't joking around and he was really wedged into the tree. I think the fact that his one leg started changing colors from a lack of circulation helped to cement the fact he couldnt get himself free.

Now, I was laughing so hard I couldnt stand up straight. Tyler didnt think it was that funny. I finally had to call and get my husband to come to the bus stop to help get Tyler out of the tree. Magd took pictures with his iphone of the whole ordeal before he would even touch Tyler. HAHAH, we have to keep reminders for him.
After much begging I was asked not to put the pictures on my blog. However, when Magd gets home from work this afternoon, I will upload the pics from his iphone and can send pictures to my loving family because they are hillarious.

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