Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Wonderful Kids

School is going good for the kids. This week is their first full week after going only two days last week.
Kaitlyn was a little upset because she didnt make it on the yearbook team but I told her not to worry about that she always has next year. She is already on saftey patrol and is waiting to hear whether or not she will be inducted into the Elementary Honors Society.
Tyler didnt make it to sign up for football so after he settle into school some we are going to put him in karate.

They are both growing up so fast it seems.

This Saturday coming up, Tyler and one of his friends decided that it would be great to have a yard sale. I decided to let them do it in our driveway and so they are really excited. I told them this was their deal and that I was going to just be outside reading a book and making sure that no one takes advantage of them. A kid run yard sale, I think is a great idea and will teach them a lot.
Of course, Tyler has been going through the house seeing what items I can donate.

Kait wanted to be a part of the yard sale with the guys but they dont want her to be a part of it. A guy thing or something. Thats okay. She is setting up a concession stand off the side of their yard sale. I got her 3 cases of different cokes and fruit punch and also a case of water. She is very excited about that. It gives her a chance to earn a little money too.

Of course they have made signs which they will put up this afternoon and Tyler's friend will be bringing all his stuff to put in the garage tomorrow. Friday night he will spend the night so they can get up early and set everything up Saturday morning. They have decided together to start the yard sale at 9am and end it at 4pm.

This will be interesting and fun to watch them run their own yard sale and Kait her concession stand. I hope that they get some nice sales and make a little extra money.

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