Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kids First Day Back To School

WOOHOO !!!!!!!!!!!

The kids are back in school, the kids are back in school, Hi Oh Am Merry Oh, the kids are back in school.

The morning started at 5:30. It was dark. The alarm clock played its happy tune. I stirred under my covers. I opened my eyes quickly remembering that there was somthing great about today. This was the day, this is the day. I jump from the bed and shake my husband. Wake up, wake up I yelled to him.
Normally, I am not a morning person but this morning would be an exception.

As I walk to the rooms of my sleeping children, another burst of energy hits me. Whats this, I havent even had my morning cup of joe yet.

My husband jumps on them while they are sleeping, not leaving their rooms until they are out of bed. Meanwhile, I am downstairs whipping up a breakfast fit for a king. Toasted double fiber whole wheat bread, two eggs runny, spicy beef sausage patties.

Then at 6:30, we walk my son to the bus to catch the 6:40 bus to school. Then at 7:30 we walk our daughter to the bus stop to catch the 7:40 bus to school.

Then, a movie clip came to mind. Braveheart. I could here the popular movie line.


And yes, we are now free, at least until 2:45pm when my son gets home from school.

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