Monday, July 20, 2009

Tyler Versus Gigante

Sunday was mine and my husband's 8 year wedding anniversary. We had made some plans previously in the week but decided at last minute to do something different. We went to a mexican resturant that we hadn't been to in over a year.

At the resturant, we were looking over the menu when my son, Tyler, found an item that if eaten completely would net him a t-shirt.
It was a 16" long supreme burrito called the Gigante.

My son begged us to let him get the burrito and we finally decided to let him do it. Tyler passed up chips and dip and cheese sauce and refused to drink any sweet tea so that he had lots of room in his stomach.

When the burrito was brought out, the waiter looked at Tyler and smiled and asked him if he was sure he could do this because it is such a big thing. He then put the plate in front of Tyler. The burrito couldn't be seen at first because I think it was covered with a whole head of lettuce and six tomatoes. Hidden beneath though was a monster.
Gigante was filled with beans and ground beef. It was as wide as my hand and has round as two hands brought together with first fingers and thumbs touching. It was truly a monster to be reckoned with.

Tyler just smiled at this giant burrito and said no problem. He started by eating all the lettuce and tomatoes so that it exposed the true task beneath. He didn't drink one sip of tea or touch one chip during his quest to eat this giant.

Twenty five minutes later, sitting before Tyler, was a completely empty plate. Not even one bean left or peice of lettuce. Tyler had done it, he had defeated Gigante and now he has the shirt to prove it.

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