Friday, July 3, 2009

Have you ever....

Have you ever sat back and looked at someone you love and felt that you were holding them back?
Have you ever Believed with all your heart and soul that though you have always meant well and been very supportive, you should have done something more ?
Have you ever felt responsible that the person you love so much seems so far away from accomplishing the one thing that makes their dreams come true?
Have you ever closed your eyes and looked deeply inside yourself and asked how come what is important to you isnt that important to others?
Have you ever looked at your life and realized that it isnt anything that you thought it would be ?
Have you ever seen the disappointment in the eyes of the person you love and know that nothing you can do or say will make it go away ?

Have you ever looked into the eyes of your children and seen pure love ?
Have you ever watched how your child approaches a project or idea and seen the tiny adult inside them?
Have you ever taken one moment and watched the clouds in the sky ?
Have you ever imagined yourself somewhere other than where you are now?
Have you ever raced outside and had a waterballoon fight with your kids?
Have you ever looked into the eyes of your spouse and seen all the reasons you fell
in love with them ?

Have you ever taken the time to say I love you to all the people in your family?
Have you ever taken a moment to smile at a stranger ?

Have you ever Thanked God with everything that you are and could be for everything good and bad that has happened in your life and meant it ?

Have you ever...................

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