Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just A Little Update

The past couple of days have been fun. Tyler has two friends that have stayed over two nights in a row. They are good kids and everyone seems to be having fun. They have been playing a lot of playstation and watching tv plus bugging me.
One of Tyler's friends calls me grandma, lol crazy huh !?! But I guess that is payback for calling him a princess.
Either way, everyone is having fun.

I cant believe that June is almost over. Time is flying by so quickly. July brings lots of things. July 4th, we go to a shopping center close to Stone Mountain and watch the fireworks. July 8th, we head to Tennessee and see the folks and get everything together and go for our week long camping trip. July 14th is my birthday and July 19th is my 8 year wedding anniversary. The kids go back to school July 30th I think so we will have the dreaded school shopping the week before.
Yup, lots going on that month.

Anyway guess I will have to cut this short, everyone is waking up, yes at 1:10 in the afternoon, so I need to make breakfast or lunch. ( All 4 kids were up when my husband went to work at 4am this morning)

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