Friday, June 5, 2009

Got Back Yesterday

Breast Health Update : Last Friday on May 29, I had to go to my doctor and get the results of the biopsy and I am excited to say no cancer. The area is still sore and the doctor said it would be for awhile because the tumor was in the muscle. Thats cool. I do have to go back in six months for another mammogram just to make sure all has healed well and nothing else comes up.

After my appointment, the kids and I came home and packed and headed to Florida. My grandparents seem to be taking turns in the hospital and my Papa was in the hospital again. The kids and I went to lend a hand and help Grandma out.
It was great getting to see everyone again and even greater that my grandfather got to come home the night before we had to leave.

Today is catch up day, updating all the sites for the store and getting the housework caught up. Next week we are going to my husband's cousins for a few days and then in July, we have our huge camping trip. I am so excited. I love the summer, always things to do and fun to be had.

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