Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hubpages Hubnugget Contest Over Today

Hello All,

I am very excited to say that my hub was picked as one of the top five.

Hi Kelly, As you already probably know, you were nominated as a HubNugget this week, which you can read about more over here in the Forums: Well, after 3+ days of voting your Hub was voted as one of the top 5, which mean that it is officially a HubNugget and will be sent out in the newsletter today to 40,000+ other members of the HubPages community. Let me be the first to congratulate you and encourage you to continue to write really great Hubs - you're an awesome example for all of the other Hubbers who are getting started. Have a great rest of your week and thanks again for being a great member of the HubPages community!

Yippie !

I think that this is so cool.

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funride said...

Congrats Kelly! Your hard work promoting your hub has paid out ;)

Keep up your great work on Hubpages.
Have fun!

Ricardo "funride" Nunes

Hup said...

Congrats! I'm getting ready to put together the newsletter now, so keep your eyes peeled for it. :)

LAILA said...

Congrats Kelly!It was a beautiful piece really wonderfully written! Thanks for sharing it with us!Cheers!:)