Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Morning Brrrrrrrrrrrr

It is so cold this morning. 13 with a windchill of ZERO. ugggggghhhh. My son dressed in two pairs of jeans and socks, three shirts and a huge jacket, scarf and hat. My daughter was dressed layered close to that also. The were so fluffy I guess the word would be that they had quite a bit of difficulty using their backpacks. LOL especailly Tyler.

It amazes me the miracle that happened with the flight in New York yesterday. No one killed or seriously hurt when the plane crashed into the Hudson River. God surely blessed them all. People who need proof that there are miracles really need to take a close look at the crash yesterday.

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LAILA said...

Yes, Kelly that plane crash was a miracle!They showed the last few minutes before it crashed, on TV & it was so terrifying!Thank God for His mercies!