Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Snow Snow

It just started snowing here around 12:15pm.

The kids are so excited. In this picture, it had only been snowing for about 10 minutes, now at 12:40 pm the ground is covered even more.

The weather channel says that we should get anywhere from 2-4 inches.

Here it is big, fat snow flakes. It is a wet snow and it is perfect for the snowball fights my kids have already started.

Of course, the kids are even more excited about the possibility of no school tomorrow.

I will update more pictures on here as the snow continues. My husband is so excited about it that he keeps calling me from work to update me on how much snow they are getting where he is at. He works 1 and 1/2 hours from where we live.


*Just Jen* said...

How fun! It was raining and snowing here around 11 but nothing stuck and then it turned just to rain.

Kelly is Writing said...

Hey Jen,
Yup lol it is a lot of fun. Kids are more excited than ever.

Are you on myspace?
I am under Poppy's Scroll Saw Woodwork.
If that is you we need to hook up as friends on myspace.