Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We are working on getting everything ready for Magd's trip to Egypt. Turns out he will not be coming home until the 10th. Last night he recieved a phone call from his brother and one of the doctors there wanted to try and put Magd's mom on chemo and radition again. Magd called a friend of his who is a doctor in Panama City and discussed this with him. His friend told him that because the cancer attacked and took over the liver, there wasn't much left that could be done.
I hate it that he is going through this but I am happy that he is getting to go and see her.

Kids are on the count down for Spring Break. They are so excited about no school for a week. I am happy that is coming also. We can spend time together playing games and doing whatever else we can come up with.

The store has gotten some new additions added to it the past few days, I hope you will check out the blog for the store and get updated.

Today, I have to get some cleaning done and get some things ready for Magd leaving tomorrow. Magd's cousin is coming in tonight and going with us to take Magd to the airport in the morning. ( I can get to the airport but I always get lost coming home, no sense of direction ) One doesn't know how big Atlanta is until you drive around it a couple of times. lol
The lawn guy is coming this morning, first cut of the season. Yea !!!
Have a great day everyone.

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