Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday, Some Good News

My husband called me this morning with what we consider good news. The last several months, due to the economy, my husband has had to work 6 days a week. He is salaried, so his job enforced that with all salaried workers.
My husband drives 1 and 1/2 hours everyday to and from work. He only has Thursdays off which wasn't enough time for him to catch up on his sleep or get a break from his job. He gets up at 3:30am every morning and sometimes doesn't get home until 7pm at night. It catches up quickly. Today though he informed me that his work is going to stop the 6 days a week at the end of this month. Yippie!!!!!! He will get Thurdays and Fridays off again.

This is how I feel today. Like a little hummingbird stuck inside the feeder. I don't know why really, I slept good last night. I think it is partly because it is rough having just one vehicle and sometimes I feel trapped in the house.

I guess too I am running out of ideas to get the store seen. I guess right now it is a waiting game to see how all the things that I have been doing are working. I know that there is a lot more traffic coming to the store and to the website, I guess I am just waiting for that first sale.

I don't know, I guess it is other things too. Doesn't matter really.

Kids have 21 more days of school left before spring break. This year for spring break we are going to see my grandparents in Florida. Since my other grandfather died, it has been plaguing my mind that I should go see and them. Family is so important and we shouldn't miss out on the chances we can to see them and make more memories.

I am updating sites today for the store. I didn't get my writing done for yesterday with hubpages or helium. I guess I will do that in the next day or so.

If you get a chance, check out the stores website
I am working on coming up with some other ideas for that site. Also check out the blog for the store. I am not sure how to increase followers for that site yet but I have a couple of ideas in mind.

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