Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just Got My Computer Back

For the past 3 days my computer has been out of commission and in the shop. The day before my husband left for Egypt, he decided to put a flash drive in and see what music is nephew had downloaded for him. The flash drive uploaded a horribly nasty worm into the computer. The worm disbaled my security suite I had on my computer and took over all administrative functions. It started sytematically shutting programs down. It was horrible and there was nothing I could do stop it.

I was in a panic. I have so much information on my computer especailly for the store and all. I took my computer to Geek Squad and at first when they looked at my computer, they said it was my best interest to buy a new one. I have had my computer for 6 years. I love my computer. And more importantly, I can't afford a new one.

They set the computer up and starting running a full series of scans on it. They found 59 viruses. Yup. 59. They were able to clean up 57 of them. The other 2 took two days to get out of the computer because they were difficult and stubborn to remove and had to be removed manually.

I found out that the security suite on my computer was not completely compaitable to windows and wasn't doing anything with the viruses. You see, I had att security suite that came with the dsl program. I thought I was protected because it came with the system and was part of the dsl. It didn't do anything.

Geek Squad said that it was like having no security at all.

It cost me $199 to have all the scans done and have the viruses removed. Then I paid another $100 to have security on the computer that was comaptaible to windows.

This leads me to another topic that I hope people are aware of.

There is a worm out there called the Conficker C virus also known as the April Fools Day Worm. It has been all over the news here and I hope that people are paying attention to what is being said about it.
According to the news, the Conficker C virus is already laying dormant in millions of home pc computers right now. The cirus is collecting all personal information such as credit cards etc. On April 1st, the virus is set to be activated. Once it becomes live, it will disable your security, eat through your hard drive and memory and will then send all the information it has gathered to the host of the virus.

Microsoft has a download available to disable the virus but you must use the download before April 1st. You can find all kinds of information on this virus doing a basic search. This virus is so bad that Microsoft is offering a reward to anyone who can tell them where it came from and who the host is.

After what I went through this past week with my computer, I would advise people to protect themselves and look into finding out more about this virus.

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