Saturday, April 4, 2009

Busy Week

This past week the kids were out for Spring Break. We stayed busy playing games and driving here and there. On Tuesday, we went to my husband's cousins house in Calhoun. He took the kids and I out to dinner and then we went to the movies and saw " Race to Witch Mountain". That was an excellent movie.
On Wedensday, we drove back home. Thursday, we had plans to go to a place called the Yellow River Game Ranch, however, rain and storms kept us home.
On Friday, I took my two kids plus two of their friends to the game ranch. It is an amazing place. 24 acres of open area, where the deer run free and will walk up to you and let you feed and pet them. Squirrels come and take peanuts from your hand and we even had a few climb up our pants legs to get peanuts from us. Wild cats, bobcats, several types of fox, black bears, coyotes, buffalo, were just some of the animals you could see in special pins. Goats, pigs, sheep, rabbits, and so much more ran freely in the game ranch and would come up to you to feed and pet them. We had so much fun that we walked through it a second time.
Last night, the two friends of the kids stayed over and they all played playstation and shot pool down in the garage.
I am guessing that they stayed up all night because right now it is 12:15 in the afternoon and none of the three boys are moving.
I learned that mom isn't so cool when friends are over. LOL is okay though, I was happy to see all of them having fun. I stayed up really late playing Monopoly on Pogo.

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