Monday, April 6, 2009

What happened to Spring ?

The weather is crazy and I can't wait for it to be Spring. Today, we are in the 50's and under wind advisory until 2am. Then tonight, we are supposed to be in the 30's. Not just that, they are talking about snow flurries here in Atlanta. Tuesday, the highs are 45 and the low is 29. Ugh !!!!

I am excited that my hubby is coming back from Egypt Friday night.
His mom is going into the hospital today to start chemo again. I hope that everything turns out the way they hope. I am happy that my hubby got to go and spend time with his mom. I know that it doesn't make things any easier for him and a part of me is sure that he is torn between coming home and leaving his mom.

My husband was excited yesterday because his niece gave birth to a baby boy. I would try and spell his name but I am sure I would misspell it horribly.

Kids are upset because Spring Break for them is now over and they had to go back to school today. Um, wish I could share their pain lol. We had a lot of fun over Spring Break together and they were very happy so that is all that is important.

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