Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Woodwork Added To Store I Just Love

I was really excited to see this new plaque added to our store . Poppy's Scroll Saw Woodwork
This plaque is called " Head of this Home ". The inscription on the plaque says " Christ is the head of this Home, the unseen Guest at every meal, the silent Listener a every conversation ".
It is a beautiful plaque. My dad gave me one and I just love it.

The weather here is finally getting better. We have had a lot of rain and storms. The good thing about this is that with all the rain, we are very close to ending the drought from last year. The lakes are getting a lot fuller.
Hopefully, the cold weather is over so I can get some tomato's and green peppers planted.

I have been working on the website for Poppy's Scroll Saw Woodwork. I got rid of the trivia tab because trivia wasn't working out so well. I added another new woodwork tab because people like seeing the new additions to the store. You can check out the website by clicking here

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