Monday, April 27, 2009

Yard Sale Jackpot

A couple of days ago, our neighborhood was having a yard sale. Normally, I don't go to yard sales but the kids and I were bored so we decided to take a walk and look around. The last house we stopped at had a huge plastic bin full of Beanie Babies. Kaitlyn and I were sorting through them because she loves cats and wanted to get some kitty ones. The lady at the yard sale saw us looking through them and said if we wanted the whole bin, all we need to pay is $8.00. Of course, my daughter went crazy. I asked her where on earth she was going to put them all and of course her answer was simple, I can find places.
There were 200 Beanie Babies in the bin. Most were retired and Limited Edition. Every kind of Beanie Baby imaginable. Most still have the plastic tags covering the tags. We looked some of the limited editions up and saw that some are worth $15 or more.
Well, Kaitlyn did her best to put them anywhere and everywhere and even gave about 15 of them to her brother.
This morning when she went to school, I went for my morning walk. When I came home, I thought it would be a cool surprize her and help her spread them out in her room some more, so I emptied a book shelf I had downstairs and moved it into her room. The above pictures are what her room looks like now with all her new Beanie Baby friends.

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