Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday March 6,2009

I found this cool gif while looking for one to add to my other blog. It doesn't go with anything I have to write about but I thought it was sooo cool I added it here.

I can't believe it but we still have some snow on the ground in the shadowy places. Official snow amount for Sunday was, get this, 7 inches. Yup, I said 7. Crazy isn't it. It was a far cry from the supposed 1-2 inches we were supposed to get.
The snow was beautiful but I think the most amazing thing about it was that for the majority of the time, it was thundering while it was snowing and even more neat, it was lightening. When it would flash lightening, the sky lit up the most beautiful green I have ever seen.

Now, the weather is supposed to be warming up greatly. This weekend we are looking at the 70's. My kind of weather !!!

The store Poppy's Scroll Saw Woodwork :
is getting more traffic which is good. The Monthly Trivia question seems to be bringing more traffic to the stores website I built which is good also. So far since the kick off of the trivia game, I have had 3 people get the correct answer. One is supposed to be shopping this weekend at the store so we will see. I haven't had any sales yet but I am not giving up. To me it just means that I look for more places to advertise and more outlets to get the store name out there.
Today, I will be updating some sites that I am on for the store, especailly the store's blog. I have been searching for some cool gifs to add to it.

Anyway, I have been neglecting some of the places that I write articles, so today I think I might add some articles to hub pages and helium.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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