Monday, March 23, 2009

Time To Catch Up

Things have been a little rough here and I really haven't done a great job of keeping up with things.

I had to cancel my trip to Florida for Spring Break. That's okay though, I can go in June when my kids get out of school.

My husband is from Egypt and several months ago, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. She went through chemo and radition therapy and she was doing fine for awhile after that. On Thursday, my husband's family contacted him and told him that his mother was very sick. They took her to the doctor on Friday and discovered that the cancer has spread and has taken over her liver. Her family was informed that there wasn't anything they could do for her because the cancer spread too much.

My husband's mother is dying.

My husband is a good man and is very close to his mother. He is the youngest of 13. He calls her at least once a month. When she was originally diagnosed with cancer, like anyone, he took it very hard. But I guess for him it was harder because it is not like when you live in the country and can just drive to see someone who is sick. For him, it is a 16 hour flight to a whole seperate country.
He held off on going to see her when she was first diagnosed. His brother told him that she was fine and that he didn't need to come.

Now, he has to leave to see her one last time. This is something that I can't imagine to have to experience with a parent or someone you are very close to. Knowing that, that is the last time you will see them and have to come to terms with saying goodbye.

My husband is leaving March 25 and won't return until April 9th. I pray every night that we can get him to Egypt before his mother passes so that he can see her one last time and make some memories and hopefully find some closure.

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