Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trootie Missing Day Two

We had no luck leaving food out for Trootie because nothing ate it. We put food in the front and back yard. I constantly checked before I went to bed last night and also all day today. I went out looking for her again, but yet again no luck.

My other two kitties are searching for her too. They go through the house meowing and they sit at the back window. Riviera has been unusually nice jumping into someones lap every chance she gets.

I do hope she comes home soon. I am really worried that she won't because of all the woods behind us. There is no telling where she is.

The countdown for Christmas break is on. For us this will mean that we get to go to Tennessee for a week and stay with my folks. We are all really excited about it. My husband has to work but he will come on Christmas eve. Christmas is the best when the all the family can be together. No matter how great or small the gifts are, the most important thing is spending time with family.

Thursday, when the kids get out of school, we will dedicate our time for making cookies. Our list is chocolate chip, m&m, peanut butter, sugar cookies, and coconut/pecan cookies. I love it when the kids and I get to work together on this. We have so much fun.

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